Silverstripe module for creating and managing generic 'Order' objects

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4.0.0 2019-09-24 09:47 UTC

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Upgrade legacy silverstripe-commerce (SS3) sites to SilverCommerce

How it works

To use this module, you need to install it before running the silverstripe-upgrade tool. By doing so, this will swap out the old i-lateral/silverstripe-[module] commerce modules for the silvercommerce/[module] modules when the silverstripe upgrader is ran.

1 - Intsalling

This module can be installed via composer:

composer require silvercommerce/upgrader

Installing this way may not work as composer sometimes refuses to pull down the correct version. For this reason I recommend adding the following linme to your composer.json manually.

"silvercommerce/upgrader": "ss3-dev"

2 - Usage

Once installed you needd to remove any/all of the followinng modules from your composer.json. (it's likely you will have needed to remove many of these to install this module).


then run composer update to update your composer.lock and to ensure you have the latest versions of all the modules. Followed by a dev/build to update the database to match.


Now you should be able to run the silverstripe/upgrader method upgrade-code recompose --write, see (SilverStripe Docs)[] for more information on upgrading.

This will update all your modules including this one - please see of new version for further steps.