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This extension provides a collection of helper functions to integrate with the shopware-pwa client library.

In order to use this extension with Shopware 6, make sure you install the latest available version compatible with your Shopware version.

There is a video on how to set up the extension correctly (please be aware that this applies to the old 6.1 version).

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Shopware Version SwagShopwarePwa Version PWA Version
6.3.* 0.2.* 0.8.*
6.4.* 0.3.* 0.9.*


Install extension

There are two ways you can require the extension.



$ composer require shopware-pwa/shopware-pwa

within your Shopware installation directory. This will install a composer managed package of the extension. To use the latest version run

$ composer require shopware-pwa/shopware-pwa:dev-master


We recommend using this way of installing the extension, because it reduces the risk of having an outdated/incompatible dependency.


Clone the repository into the local plugins directory of your Shopware installation.

$ git clone custom/plugins/SwagShopwarePwa

This will allow you to make changes and pull requests to this very repository, since you're using a local copy of the extension.

Install extension

Run the following commands in your Shopware root directory.

Refresh extension list

$ bin/console plugin:refresh

Install and activate the extension

$ bin/console plugin:install --activate SwagShopwarePwa

Clear the cache (sometimes invalidation is needed for the new routes to activate)

$ bin/console cache:clear

Generate routes

Make sure you've created a sales channel and assigned SEO URL templates (either using the database or the administration panel).

Currently there are the following requirements: As headless sales channels don't support SEO URLs, you have to select a "storefront" sales channel as a base.

Refresh the index tables (containing the SEO URLs) manually

$ bin/console dal:refresh:index



This extension adds multiple endpoints to both, the store and the admin API. All endpoints below accept POST requests.


Resolves a given path to cms or product page and accepts include parameters to specifiy the fields contained in your response.


This endpoint is required to connect Shopware extensions with your PWA during the application build. It dumps your extensions metadata and configuration and PWA specific source files and delivers via a safe channel.


Tests are located in src/Test and configured in phpunit.xml.

In order to run the tests you have to set up the test database so that Shopware runs them with our extension enabled.

After the extension is installed in your shop, make sure you execute the follwing command (in the Shopware root directory) to dump the current configuration of your shop to the test-database (when using Docker, run it inside the container):

$ ./psh.phar init-test-databases

Then execute the following commands in the extension's root directory to run the test.

$ composer install
$ ../../../vendor/bin/phpunit