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This bundle for Shopsys Framework adds frontend API using overblog/GraphQLBundle. The bundle is dedicated for projects based on Shopsys Framework (i.e. created from shopsys/project-base) exclusively. This repository is maintained by shopsys/shopsys monorepo, information about changes is in monorepo


Documentation can be found in Shopsys Framework Knowledge Base.


The plugin is a Symfony bundle and is installed in the same way:


First, you download the package using Composer:

composer require shopsys/frontend-api


For the bundle to be loaded in your application you need to register it and the required Overblog\GraphQLBundle in registerBundles() method in the app/AppKernel.php file of your project:

+ new Shopsys\FrontendApiBundle\ShopsysFrontendApiBundle(),
+ new Overblog\GraphQLBundle\OverblogGraphQLBundle(),

and for easier development register GraphiQLBundle for development environment

  if ($this->getEnvironment() === EnvironmentType::DEVELOPMENT) {
+     $bundles[] = new Overblog\GraphiQLBundle\OverblogGraphiQLBundle();


Detailed information about configuring the package can be found in Shopsys Framework Knowledge Base.


Thank you for your contributions to Shopsys Frontend API package. Together we are making Shopsys Framework better.

This repository is READ-ONLY. If you want to report issues and/or send pull requests, please use the main Shopsys repository.

Please, check our Contribution Guide before contributing.


What to do when you are in troubles or need some help? Best way is to contact us on our Slack

If you want to report issues, please use the main Shopsys repository.