Utils to load, parse and work with configuration on Shlink project

v2.4.1 2023-03-15 08:28 UTC

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Utils to load, parse and work with configuration on Shlink project.


Install this tool using composer.

composer install shlinkio/shlink-config

This library is also a mezzio module which provides its own ConfigProvider. Add it to your configuration to get everything automatically set up.

Included utils

  • loadConfigFromGlob: Function which expects a glob pattern and loads and merges all config files that match it.

  • EnvVarLoaderProvider: A config provider which loads the entries of the loaded config into env vars and always returns empty. Designed to be the first config provider in the pipeline.

  • DottedAccessConfigAbstractFactory: An abstract factory that lets any config param to be fetched as a service by using the notation.

  • ValinorConfigFactory: A PSR-11 factory that lets you map arbitrary objects from arrays, using cuyz/valinior.

    In order to use it, you have to register the object to map as a service, and the ValinorConfigFactory with static access using the service that returns the raw array with the data as the static method name:

    return [
        MyCoolOptions::class => [ValinorConfigFactory::class, ''],

    It is useful to combine this factory with the DottedAccessConfigAbstractFactory.

    The mapping will be done with cache if a Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface service is found.