Allows access to logfiles and exceptions from the Neos CMS backend

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This package provides a new module in the NeosCMS backend to view logs and exceptions of a Neos instance.

Usually it's recommended to use other, more powerful tools for this use case like Sentry or Kibana, but there are cases in which those tools cannot be used.

This package was built to help in situations where one has to quickly investigate something, e.g. to understand an error the client had with their site.


Run this in your site package:

composer require --no-update shel/neos-logs

Then run composer update in your project root.


After the installation, you will have a new backend module in Neos - available only for administrators - that will allow you to view all local log and exception files.

Lines in the logfiles can be filtered by their level. You can also change the number of lines that should be visible.


Overview screen:


Viewing a logfile



Contributions are very welcome!

Please create detailed issues and PRs.

If you use this package and want to support or speed up its development, get in touch with me.

Or you can also support me directly via patreon.


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