Graphical analysis & visualizer for the Neos CMS Content Repository as backend module

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This package allows to output the nodetypes of your Neos CMS project as various types of graphs via a backend module.

It helps understanding dependencies between packages and nodetypes. Also it shows which nodetypes are actually being used and can make your refactoring our code structuring efforts easier.


It is recommended to install this package only as development dependency and not to run it in production except specifically required.

composer require --dev shel/contentrepository-debugger


Backend module

You will have an additional backend module NodeType Analyzer available in the Neos backend:

Neos NodeType Analyzer Backendmodule

You can inspect all nodetypes registered in the system and drill down through your namespaces.

A second graph layout allows your to inspect all direct and indirect dependencies.

Dependency inspection


Contributions are very welcome.

Most of the code is written in TypeScript using React & D3js and can be found in Resources/Private/JavaScript. To make a change first create your own fork, install the package in your Neos project and start a new branch. Then run yarn watch to rebuild the frontend code during development.

A pre commit hook is automatically triggered that will lint the code to make sure it fulfills our coding guidelines.

Then create a PR from your fork and some tests will automatically check the code quality via Github actions.

Using the package in your projects

When you use the package for commercial projects, please consider funding its development via the Github sponsor button. Or get in touch with me for other ways of support.