Allows changing uploaded asset filenames in Neos CMS

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Installing this package will change the naming behavior for files when publishing assets in Neos CMS. By default Neos CMS will create a symlink in the public Web folder to the file stored in the private Data/Persistent folder. These symlinks to images and other assets will have the filenames they got when they were uploaded.

New behavior: The symlinks to these assets will have a filename based on their title which can be set in the Media Module.


  • You can optimize the filenames for SEO purposes in the Media Module.
  • The actual file name stored in the database is not changed.
  • Old filenames will still work until the Web/Resources folder is cleaned up.


  • The final filename will be run through slugify to prevent problematic characters in the filename.
  • The actual file name stored in the database is not changed. Therefore there is an additional query to the database to generate the file name when the public uri is requested. This might be optimized in the future.

In my tests publishing ~1000 resources with this plugin took ~2.5s compared to ~1s without this feature.

How to use it

  1. Install the package via composer composer require --no-update shel/asset-names in your site package.
  2. Run composer update in your project's root folder.
  3. Run ./flow resource:publish.
  4. Change an assets title in the media module and check the resulting filename in the preview.

Adapt the filename schema

You can customise the filename creation via your Settings.yaml. Add the following snippet to your configuration and adapt it to your needs:

  expression: "${'my-prefix-' + asset.title + '-' + width + 'x' + height}"

It's recommended to keep the width and height suffix.

What the package cannot do yet

It currently doesnt work when not using the provided symlink target.

If you use the copy target or some cloud based filesystem you can extend those targets the same way and provide the change as PR to this package.

Future plans

  • This feature should be in the Neos CMS core at some point.
  • This package is meant to find the best implementation and also support older Neos versions until it's part of the core.


Contributions are very welcome!

Please create detailed issues and PRs.

If you use this package and want to support or speed up it's development, use Githubs sponsor button or get in touch with me


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