This package provides you easy way to communicate with instagram api

dev-master 2017-07-24 16:46 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-20 00:19:35 UTC


This is a simple package to provide you all the instagram API accessible at one place. While writing this package I had php7.0 installed but can work with php5.6 as well just change the guzzle version.


composer require shahrukhkhan/instagram

or add the following in your composer.json file require section

"require": {
    "shahrukhkhan/instagram": "dev-master"


Once you have obtained your instagram client id place it in your .env file as:


once done that access the function by Instagram::functionName($params);


To auth with this package use auth() function from your route, you may mention multiple scopes as array

Route::get('instagram-auth', function(){
    return redirect()->away(\Shahrukh\Instagram\Instagram::auth($scopes));

List of functions available

exchangeCodeForToken() // expects the code you received while authenticating, and gives you access token in return 

getSelf() // gives information about logged in user

getSelfMedia() // gives media list of logged in user

getFollowedBy() // expects access token and user id(default is self), return the list of users who follows the user in question

getFollows() // expects access token and user id(default is self), return the list of users, user in question follows

getFollowRequest() // expects access token and user id (default is self), return the follow requests user in quesiton received

getRelationship() // expects access token and user id, get information about a relationship of logged in user with mentioned user id

changeRelationship() //expects access token and user id, modify the relationship between the current user and the target user.

getMedia() // expects access token and media id, get information about a media object.

searchMedia() //expects access token, area and distance (default distance is 1000 mtrs), searches for recent media in a given area.