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A GitHub Webhook to automatically upload to the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

0.9.0 2017-05-11 19:54 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-30 00:52:18 UTC


This is a simple GitHub Webhook Listener that automatically uploads a TYPO3 extension to the TER.
The extension is only uploaded to the TER if a tag has been associated with the push.

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To get started, simply run the following command:

composer create-project sethorax/typo3-ter-webhook

Or you can clone this repo and run composer install manually.

Once the project is created you need to create a config.yml file in the project root to configure the project.

The file should look something like this:

        secret: GitHubWebhookSecret
        username: Typo3OrgUser
        password: MySuperSecretPassword


The example above should be pretty self explanatory.
Just specify your GitHub Webhook Secret, your username and password.
You can also specify a slack webhook url if you want to receive notifications on slack.

Once that is done you need to configure the Webhook for your GitHub repository.
To do that simply go to the settings of the repository and navigate to Webhooks. Add a new Webhook there and paste the URL of your server into the Payload URL field. Provide the secret key that you entered in config.yml. The rest can stay as is it is.
Click on Add webhook and you are done.

Now everytime you add a new tag to your repository the webhook will clone the repo, zip it and upload it to the TER. Don't forget to update the version number in ext_emconf.php otherwise the extension will not be uploaded!