This bundle generates a list of shell aliases for commands registered in the Symfony application

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Last update: 2024-04-13 10:33:25 UTC


The ServerGroveShellAliasBundle is a Symfony2 bundle that generates a list of shell aliases for commands registered in the Symfony application. The list of aliases can then be included in /etc/bash_profile or ~/.profile configuration files so the commands can be autocompleted with the tab key.


$ php app/console generate:shell:aliases
$ php app/console generate:shell:aliases --prefix=myapp --php=/usr/local/bin/php --absolute

The list of aliases that it generates would look like this:

alias console-help="php app/console help"
alias console-list="php app/console list"
alias console-assets-install="php app/console assets:install"
alias console-cache-clear="php app/console cache:clear"
alias console-cache-warmup="php app/console cache:warmup"
alias console-config-dump-reference="php app/console config:dump-reference"
alias console-container-debug="php app/console container:debug"
alias console-router-dump-apache="php app/console router:dump-apache"
alias console-router-debug="php app/console router:debug"
alias console-router-match="php app/console router:match"
alias console-server-run="php app/console server:run"
alias console-translation-update="php app/console translation:update"
alias console-init-acl="php app/console init:acl"
alias console-twig-lint="php app/console twig:lint"
alias console-swiftmailer-spool-send="php app/console swiftmailer:spool:send"
alias console-assetic-dump="php app/console assetic:dump"

Then, you can start typing the name of the command and auto-complete with the tab key: console-s[TAB] will complete to console-server-run.

If the absolute option is defined, the aliases will include the absolute path of the Symfony application, so you can call these commands from anywhere in the filesystem.


Add the bundle with Composer:

$ php composer.phar require "servergrove/shell-alias-bundle dev-master"

Enable it in your app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
	$bundles = array(

		new ServerGrove\Bundle\ShellAliasBundle\ServerGroveShellAliasBundle(),


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