Admin panel for Laravel applications

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LaravelPanel is a modern Laravel Admin package.

This package provides an easily configurable admin panel for Laravel applications with a CRUD system, UI and more.

Table of Contents

Main features

  • Permission/Roles Create groups , give them access and add users to it
  • Fully translatable , 9 languages
  • Crud, With just few lines of code, you'll have Add, Edit, Delete and Search actions for your models.
  • Column types: text, select box, checkbox , text editor , datetime, image , autocomplete , tag ,colorpicker
  • **File manager ** power full file manager inside the text editor
  • Extension system that allows you to create own custom column types
  • Sorting, ordering, filters, pagination
  • Import and Export data Every crud you make it have import and export data from Excel
  • Clean Admin, Based on bootstrap 3 and sb-admin-2
  • Dashboard, It shows how many records you have in every model added in menu.
  • Preconfigured, It has default users and models you need.
  • Powerful, It offers a Login section, Admin settings, forgot password and all other features you need for admin panel.
  • ** RTL support **

Screen shot

  • This is a custom CRUD with few lines of code : dashboard of panel Edit Pages


Read the wiki here


First you need to create a laravel 5.8 project.

Add LaravelPanel with runing this code in CMD

composer require serverfireteam/panel

Or Add the package to require section of composer And run the composer update command, the package and its dependencies will be installed.

    "require": {
        "serverfireteam/panel": "1.9.*"

Add the ServiceProvider of the package to the list of providers in the config/app.php file

'providers' => array(

Run the following command in order to publish configs, views and assets.

php artisan panel:install

Go to your and you can login with the following username and password :

password: 12345

for more details read the wiki here

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