This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

PHP FFI to SDL TTF bindings

1.0.0 2020-04-11 04:29 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-18 19:41:36 UTC


This is a SDL Image bindings for PHP using SDL php ffi bindings library.


  • PHP >=7.4 NTS
  • ext-ffi
  • MacOS, Linux or MacOS (BSD or something else are not supported yet).
  • SDL >= 2.0
  • SDL TTF >= 2.0


Library is available as composer repository and can be installed using the following command in a root of your project.

$ composer require serafim/ffi-sdl-ttf


  • sudo apt install libsdl2-ttf-2.0-0 -y


  • brew install sdl2_ttf


  • SDL TTF (v2.0.15) are already bundled


The library API completely supports and repeats the analogue in the C language.

To support autocomplete, please add a link to \Serafim\SDL\TTF\SDLTTFNativeApiAutocomplete:

/** @var Serafim\SDL\TTF\SDLTTFNativeApiAutocomplete $ttf */
$ttf = new Serafim\SDL\TTF\TTF();

In addition, the library contains functionality adapted for PHP.

  • All methods are converted to the PSR style.
  • In case of errors, methods throw exceptions.
  • Removed passing arguments by reference during initialization.
  • All arguments that accept a boolean in c-format (short int) are replaced by a boolean.
  • Added default arguments in some methods.

Please note that when using the original calls, you will have to cast the types to the desired ones with your hands!

use Serafim\SDL\Color;
use Serafim\SDL\SDL;
use Serafim\SDL\Surface;
use Serafim\SDL\TTF\SDLTTFNativeApiAutocomplete;
use Serafim\SDL\TTF\TTF;

/** @var SDLTTFNativeApiAutocomplete|TTF $ttf */
$ttf = new TTF();
$sdl = new SDL();

// Open Font

$font = $ttf->TTF_OpenFont(__DIR__ . '/path/to/font.ttf', 16);

// Create color and

$ttfColor = $ttf->new(Color::class);

$color = $sdl->new(Color::class);
$urface = $ttf->TTF_RenderText_Solid($font, 'Hello World', $color);
// Error: Passing incompatible argument 3 of C function 'TTF_RenderText_Solid',// 
// expecting 'struct SDL_Color', found 'struct SDL_Color'
// Why? SDL_Color is an structure from SDL, but TTF Color required

// Solution #1
$color = $ttf->new(Color::class); // Create color struct from TTF
$urface = $ttf->TTF_RenderText_Solid($font, 'Hello World', $color);

// Solution #2
$color = $sdl->new(Color::class);
$color = $ttf->cast(Color::class, $color); // Cast SDL Color struct to TTF Color struct
$surface = $ttf->TTF_RenderText_Solid($font, 'Hello World', $color);

// etc...

// Note, $surface is a TTF Surface too! You must cast it to SDL Surface using:
$surface = $sdl->cast(Surface::class, $surface);