PHP library for interact with working directory

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In the case that during the loading of a binary (like *.so, *.dylib or *.dll) through FFI it depends on some other binary module, then errors may occur if the first one and dependent libraries are in different directories, like:

// - bin/
//   - main.dll
//   - other/
//     - dependency.dll

$ffi = \FFI::cdef('...', __DIR__ . '/bin/main.dll');
// Error like "can not load ..."
// - In this case, an error occurs because the specified
//   dependency ("dependency.dll") could not be found in "bin"
//   or working directory. 

This library allows you to load similar dependencies:

// Use "bin/other" directory for dependencies.
\FFI\WorkDirectory\WorkDirectory::set(__DIR__ . '/bin/other');

$ffi = \FFI::cdef('...', __DIR__ . '/bin/main.dll');

You can also use the built-in chdir function for such operations, however it will only work in case of a Non-Thread Safe PHP build (see remark).


  • PHP >= 7.4


Library is available as composer repository and can be installed using the following command in a root of your project.

$ composer require ffi/work-directory


Get Current Work Directory

$directory = \FFI\WorkDirectory\WorkDirectory::get();

if ($directory !== null) {
    echo 'CWD is: ' . $directory;

Update Current Work Directory

Getting the full path to the library.

$directory = __DIR__ . '/path/to/directory';

if (\FFI\WorkDirectory\WorkDirectory::set($directory)) {
    echo 'CWD has been updated to: ' . $directory;