A strictly typed array reader

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A strictly typed array reader for PHP.

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  • PHP 7.3+ or 8.0+


composer require selective/array-reader


You can use the ArrayReader to read single values from a multidimensional array by passing the path to one of the get{type}() and find{type}() methods.

Each get*() / find*() method takes a default value as second argument. If the path cannot be found in the original array, the default is used as return value.

A get*() method returns only the declared return type. If the default value is not given and the element cannot be found, an exception is thrown.

A find*() method returns only the declared return type or null. No exception is thrown if the element cannot be found.


use Selective\ArrayReader\ArrayReader;

$arrayReader = new ArrayReader([
    'key1' => [
        'key2' => [
            'key3' => 'value1',

// Output: value1
echo $arrayReader->getString('key1.key2.key3');

Better Code Quality

Converting complex data with simple PHP works by using a lot of type casting and if conditions etc. This leads to very high cyclomatic complexity and nesting depth, and thus poor "code rating".

Before: Conditions: 10, Paths: 512, CRAP Score: 10

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After: Conditions: 1, Paths: 1, CRAP Score: 1

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