There is no license information available for the latest version (v2.10.0) of this package.


Control locks, lights and other internet of things devices with Seam's simple API.

Check out the documentation or the usage below.


$seam = new Seam\SeamClient("YOUR_API_KEY");

# Create a Connect Webview to login to a provider
$connect_webview = $seam->connect_webviews->create(
  accepted_providers: ["august"]

print "Please Login at this url: " . $connect_webview->url;

# Poll until connect webview is completed
while (true) {
  $connect_webview = $seam->connect_webviews->get(
  if ($connect_webview->status == "authorized") {
  } else {

$connected_account = $seam->connected_accounts->get(

print "Looks like you connected with " .

$devices = $seam->devices->list(
  connected_account_id: $connected_account->connected_account_id

print "You have " . count($devices) . " devices";

$device_id = $devices[0]->device_id;

# Lock a Door

$updated_device = $seam->devices->get($device_id);
$updated_device->properties->locked; // true

# Unlock a Door
$updated_device->properties->locked; // false

# Create an access code on a device
$access_code = $seam->access_codes->create(
  device_id: $device_id,
  code: "1234",
  name: "Test Code"

# Check the status of an access code
$access_code->status; // 'setting' (it will go to 'set' when active on the device)



To install the latest version of the automatically generated SDK, run:

composer require seamapi/seam

If you want to install our previous handwritten version, run:

composer require seamapi/seam:1.1

Development Setup

  1. Run yarn install to get prettier installed for formatting
  2. Install composer.
  3. Run composer install in this directory
  4. Run composer exec phpunit tests

To run a specific test file, do composer exec phpunit tests/MyTest.php

Running Tests

You'll need to export SEAM_API_KEY to a sandbox workspace API key.