A simple MARC21/XML parser

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SimpleMarcParser is currently a minimal MARC21/XML parser for use with QuiteSimpleXMLElement, with support for the MARC21 Bibliographic, Authority and Holdings formats.

Note: This project is not actively developed anymore, but I will still process issues. The aim of this project was to produce “simple” JSON representations of MARC21 records. I'm now working on php-marc, a wrapper for File_MARC.



use Danmichaelo\QuiteSimpleXMLElement\QuiteSimpleXMLElement,

$data = file_get_contents('' . http_build_query(array(
	'version' => '1.2',
	'operation' => 'searchRetrieve',
	'recordSchema' => 'marcxchange',
	'query' => 'bs.isbn="0-521-43291-x"'

$doc = new QuiteSimpleXMLElement($data);
        'srw' => '',
        'marc' => '',
        'd' => ''

$parser = new Parser();

$record = $parser->parse($doc->first('/srw:searchRetrieveResponse/srw:records/srw:record/srw:recordData/marc:record'));

print $record->title;

foreach ($record->subjects as $subject) {
	print $subject['term'] . '(' . $subject['system'] . ')';


This parser is aimed at producing machine actionable output, and does some non-reversible transformations to achieve this. Transformation rules expect AACR2-like records, and are tested mainly against the Norwegian version of AACR2 (Norske katalogregler), but might work well with other editions as well.


  • title is a combination of 300 $a and $b, separated by :.
  • year is an integer extracted from 260 $c by extracting the first four digit integer found (c20132013, 2009 [i.e. 2008]2009 (this might be a bit rough…))
  • pages is an integer extracted from 300 $a. The raw value, useful for e.g. non-verbal content, is stored in extent
  • creators[].name are transformed from ', ' to ' '

Form and material

Form and material is encoded in the leader and in control fields 006, 007 and 008. Encoding this information in a format that makes sense is a work-in-progress.

Electronic and printed material is currently distinguished using the boolean valued electronic key.

Printed book:

	"material": "book",
	"electronic": false

Electronic book:

	"material": "book",
	"electronic": true