A laravel package for logging user actions into the database

v1.3.1 2017-09-12 12:57 UTC

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Laravel 5.5.*

$ composer require scolib/laravel-action-log:1.3.*

Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider.

Laravel 5.4.*

$ composer require scolib/laravel-action-log:1.2.*

Add the ServiceProvider to the providers array in config/app.php


If you want to use the facade to logging actions, add this to the aliases array in config/app.php

'ActionLog' => Sco\ActionLog\Facade::class,

Publish config file

Copy the package config to your local config with the publish command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sco\ActionLog\LaravelServiceProvider"

Default action log table name is action_logs, If you want to customize it, edit the config/actionlog.php

Now run the artisan migrate command:

php artisan migrate


Method 1

Override the property $events in your Model

    protected $events = [
        'created'  => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWasCreated::class,

⚠ Note: Laravel 5.5
Renamed $events to $dispatchesEvents (#17961, b6472bf, 3dbe12f)

All available event

    'created'   => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWasCreated::class,
    'deleted'   => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWasDeleted::class,
    'restored'  => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWasRestored::class,
    'saved'     => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWasSaved::class,
    'updated'   => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWasUpdated::class,
    'creating'  => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWillCreating::class,
    'deleting'  => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWillDeleting::class,
    'restoring' => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWillRestoring::class,
    'saving'    => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWillSaving::class,
    'updating'  => \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ModelWillUpdating::class,

Method 2

Manual logging actions

// use event
event(new \Sco\ActionLog\Events\ManualEvent($type, $content));

// use factory
\Sco\ActionLog\Factory::info(LogInfo $info);

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.