A php cli tool to lint and validate xml files.

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A php tool to lint and validate xml files from the commandline.

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XML Lint checks the syntax of any xml files and validates the file against the XSD schema defined in the file.


Installation with Composer

If you'd like to include this library in your project with composer, simply run:

composer require "sclable/xml-lint"

Command Line Usage

To lint a single xml file:

vendor/bin/xmllint path/to/file.xml

To lint a directory and all its subdirectories:

vendor/bin/xmllint path/to/dir


xmllint has built in cli help screen:

vendor/bin/xmllint --help


  • -v be verbose, display the filename of the current file to lint
  • -r 0 don't search recursive (if the argument is a directory)
  • -e name exclude files or directories containing 'name'
  • -s skip the xsd validation


Run tests

# check code style
php tools/php-cs-fixer/vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run -v

# run tests
php vendor/bin/phpunit
php vendor/bin/behat

Using docker:

# Example
docker build -t xml-lint:php-8.3 --build-arg=PHP_VERSION="8.3" .

# PHP_VERSION: choose between 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3
docker build -t xml-lint:php-8.0 --build-arg=PHP_VERSION="8.0" .
docker build -t xml-lint:php-8.1 --build-arg=PHP_VERSION="8.1" .
docker build -t xml-lint:php-8.2 --build-arg=PHP_VERSION="8.2" .
docker build -t xml-lint:php-8.3 --build-arg=PHP_VERSION="8.3" .

# Run with code style check
docker build -t xml-lint:php-8.3 --build-arg=PHP_VERSION="8.3" --build-arg=PHP_CS_FIXER=true .

# Use this image to run xml-lint:
cd tests/functional/_testdata
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/var/src -w /var/src xml-lint:php-8.3 -r -v -- ./


For the changelog see the CHANGELOG file


For the license and copyright see the LICENSE file