Powerful object data storage and querying for collaborative web apps.


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Nymph is an object data store that is easy to use in JavaScript and PHP.


Automatic Setup

The fastest way to start building a Nymph app is with the Nymph App Template.

Nymph App Template

Manual Installation

You can install Nymph Server with Composer.

composer require sciactive/nymph-server

This repository is the PHP ORM and REST server. For more information, you can see the main Nymph repository.

Setting up a Nymph Application

Quick Setup with Composer
composer require sciactive/nymph-server
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Nymph\Nymph;
  'MySQL' => [
    'host' => 'your_db_host',
    'database' => 'your_database',
    'user' => 'your_user',
    'password' => 'your_password'

// You are set up. Now make a class like `MyEntity` and use it.

$myEntity = new MyEntity();
$myEntity->myVar = "myValue";

$allMyEntities = Nymph::getEntities(['class' => 'MyEntity']);

For a thorough step by step guide to setting up Nymph on your own server, visit the Setup Guide.

API Docs

Check out the API Docs in the wiki.