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Easy way to deploy your git repo to an AWS S3 bucket

0.3.1 2013-08-18 10:05 UTC


The problem

  • You have an AWS S3 bucket and want a git repository for all your data in it
  • You don't want to upload or delete all changed files manually

With git-s3

  • Automated deployment process
  • versioning and revision control for S3
  • Super easy installation and usage
  • Uploads or deletes just the files, which have changed

Installation Build Status Coverage Status

A global installation of Composer is needed. git-s3 is installed globally.

$ composer global require schickling/git-s3:dev-master


After the installation run git-s3 config to initialize the app. All needed files (config, history) will be created in the current directory. That's it. A full example can be found here.

Configure / Initialize

Edit the config.yml file manually or run

$ git-s3 config


$ git-s3 deploy

Coming soon

  • Command to see deploy history
  • Brew support
  • subfolder as repo
  • higher test coverage
  • upload progress bar
  • use git-s3 as non-global package
  • Ruby rewrite
  • ...

Support & Contribution

If you have an issue or an idea how to improve this project please open an Issue/Pull Request here