Composer meta package of QA tools for Travis, Coveralls and Scrutenizer

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Last update: 2024-06-28 21:51:41 UTC


CI-Tools Composer meta package for PHP code

You want one repository which loads common PHP QA tools?

You want examples of all the beautiful services around GitHub for PHP analysis?

You want to be a badge poser?

This module comes to the rescue!

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The composer.json contains definitions of QA tools for Travis-CI, Coveralls and Scrutinizer integration. So it's really easy to integrate these tools.


Installation of this module uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to

Put the following into your composer.json

    "require-dev": {
        "sandrokeil/citools": "~2.0"


See .travis.yml, .scrutinizer.yml and phpunit.xml.dist for an example configuration. See also Bootstrap.php to initalize your ZF2 project for your tests.

Continuous Integration/Inspection tools

Register your repository on these services for PHP analysis.

Integrated libraries

These PHP libraries are used to generate reports for above services.

Additional badges

All continuous integration/inspection tools have its own badges but if you want to be a badge poser, here are more.

  • Packagist - Register your repository here and other services will use it
  • HHVM Status - HHVM support badge
  • Badge Poser - Several badges depending on repository
  • - Custom badges
  • Still Maintained - Finally a place to mark your open source project as abandoned or looking for a new maintainer
  • Analyze and compare how long it takes for GitHub issues to be closed

Application access

Some CI tools need access to your repository. Sign in with your GitHub login to grant access to your repository. Here is a list of webhooks and services which need access to your repository.



  • Packagist (must be created manually, please follow instructions on the website)
  • Travis CI (must be created manually, please follow instructions on the website)