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An more advanced workflow for one of the most popular and fastest-growing PHP frameworks available.

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What is Laravel Kickstart?

Laravel Kickstart is a Laravel starter configuration that helps you build Laravel websites faster. It comes with an Elixir configuration, the latest versions of Bootstrap and JQuery, a Blade wrapper template, debug tools, and much more.

Why Laravel Kickstart?

Laravel is an amazing framework that lets you build scalable applications rapidly and professionally. However, when it comes time to tie in the front end, a lot of time is spent configuring views, stylesheets, and scripts. Laravel Kickstart aims to provide you with a front end workflow as advanced as Laravel's back end workflow, while tying both together seamlessly.


  • Gulp/Elixir Configuration: Compile your Sass and JavaScript files with Laravel Elixir. Your styles and scripts will automatically be combined with the project's Node dependencies and injected into the base Blade file.
  • DRY Philosophy: Modularized Sass and JavaScript files out of the box to prevent repetitive front end code. A main.js file utilizes DOM-based routing, while a highly organized Sass file structure (based on Sage) breaks your styles into organized groups. Staying DRY never felt so good!
  • Blade Wrapper: A base Blade template that acts as a wrapper for all your pages automatically pulls in your styles and scripts and provides many sections to extend.
  • Enhanced Debugging: Laravel Kickstart implements the Whoops error handler and Laravel Debugbar for advanced debugging in app debug mode.
  • Even More: That's right. Read on to find out about the loads of other small features in Laravel Kickstart that make Laravel development even more streamlined.


Install via composer:

composer require samrap/laravel-kickstart

Then add the service provider to your providers array in config/app.php:


Finally, just run the php artisan:kickstart command and let Laravel Kickstart do the rest.

You're now ready to utilize all the great features Laravel Kickstart has to offer!


Head over to the Laravel Kickstart Wiki for the quick and useful documentation on utilizing Laravel Kickstart's awesome features.


Contributions are more than welcome! You can submit feature requests to, or fork the repo yourself!