A Stockfighter API Wrapper.

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Last update: 2023-09-16 13:14:32 UTC


I use this library inside my solutions repository, and thought I'd share it with the world. My solutions repository can be found here (spoiler alert).


Just install this library using Composer.

composer install sammarks/stockfighter

Or you can require it into your project using:

composer require sammarks/stockfighter

Note: You'll also need to specify the repository settings as this package relies on my fork of phpws. Add the following to your composer.json:

"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""

Additionally, because the library relies on a fork like this, you'll need to make sure the minimum stability of your project is set to "dev:"

"minimum-stability": "dev"


This library is setup so that it follows the URL structure of the Stockfighter API documentation very closely. With that said, here's an example of the library usage:

use \Marks\Stockfighter\Stockfighter;

// Set the API key.

// Create an instance of the API.
$stockfighter = new Stockfighter();

// Check if the API is working.
$api_working = $stockfighter->heartbeat();

// Check if a venue exists and is working.
$test_working = $stockfighter->venue('test')->heartbeat();

// Get all stocks in a venue.
$stocks = $stockfighter->venue('test')->stocks();

// Get information about a stock.
$stock_info = $stockfighter->venue('test')->stock('ABCD')->info();

// Order some ABCD stock.
$order = $stockfighter->venue('test')->stock('ABCD')->order($account, $price, $quantity, $direction, $order_type);
// Direction and Order Type have constants in the Order class, like Order::DIRECTION_BUY,
// Order::DIRECTION_SELL, Order::TYPE_MARKET, etc.

Web Sockets

You can also connect and listen for quotes using WebSockets. Here's an example of that:

// Create a websocket instance.
$websocket = $this->stockfighter->getWebSocketCommunicator()->quotes($account, $venue, $stock);

// Set the receive callback.
$websocket->receive(function (Quote $quote) {
	// Do stuff with the quote...
	// Once you're done with the websocket connection, return true
	// from this method and the connection will be closed.

// Open the connection.

Asynchronous Calling

This library uses Guzzle for its HTTP requests, which uses PSR-7 promises. Naturally, I have included support for promises in this library. Here's an example of how to place an order using asynchronous calls:

// Assuming you already have a stockfighter instance...
// Here's an example that places an order asynchronously.
$stockfighter->venue('test')->stock('ABCD')->orderAsync($account, $price, $quantity, $direction,
	$order_type)->then(function (Order $order) {
		echo "Oh boy, the order finished! " . $order->totalFulfilled;	
	}, function (StockfighterRequestException $e) {
		echo "Oh no, there was an error with the order! " . $e->getMessage();	

Event Loop

Important Note: If you're using either the websockets or the asynchronous calling, you'll need to initialize the ReactPHP event loop. Usually this is done as the last call of your application (as it is a blocking method). Do all of your initialization and processing logic, and then call the following right before the end of your application:

// Start the Event Loop.


If you find an error in my Stockfighter library, or would like to improve it because you're using it in your own Stockfighter solutions, just send me a pull request! I promise I'll be very open to suggestions.