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A PHP Library for communicating with IMAP Servers using stream socket connection

v0.1.0 2018-08-30 10:30 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-27 14:24:18 UTC


A PHP Library for communication with IMAP Servers.

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When communication with an IMAP email server involves a high amount of latency, it helps to be able to hand craft commands, so that we can reduce the quantity of commands being sent to the server. The PHP IMAP extension does not offer such control over the transport layer of the IMAP protocol. This library replaces the PHP IMAP extension and provides full control over the entire process.


  • Fewer combined calls
  • Decrease latency
  • Command builder
  • IMAP Connection Manager
  • IMAP Response Interpreters
  • Pipeline for caching commands and responses
  • PSR 3 logger aware
  • Mock objects for automated testing



Dependencies are managed by composer. Please see the composer.json file for a complete list of dependencies.

Contributing to the Pimap project

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Once signed and confirmed, any pull requests will be considered for inclusion in the Pimap project.


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Add to your project (Composer)

composer require "salesagility/pimap"

Getting Help

All the documentation is situated in the docs directory. The documentation in this project is written in markdown and generated using

Generate Documentation

To build the documentation

cd /path/to/pimap/

open the generated static/index.html file.

Host Documentation

When updating the documentation, it helps to be able to see a live copy of your changes. provides a built-in web server.

cd /path/to/pimap/
./vendor/bin/daux serve

this command will output something similar to:

Daux development server started on http://localhost:8085/

in this case, you can access http://localhost:8085/ in your web browser.