This is a simple tempnam extension for Nette Framework

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Last update: 2023-03-04 16:18:00 UTC


This is a simple tempnam extension for Nette Framework It creates temp files in %tempDir%/tempnam

Why ?

Sometines you just need to create tempfile such as PDF, Latte templates etc... and you dont want to put them into sys_get_temp_dir() (/tmp) and keep them in your Nette project %tempDir%... or just acces same temp file multiple times


The best way to install salamek/nette-tempnam is using Composer:

$ composer require salamek/nette-tempnam:@dev

Then you have to register extension in config.neon.

    tempnam: Salamek\Tempnam\DI\TempnamExtension

If you wish to change tempnam path just add this to your config:

   tempDir: %tempDir%/tempnam

Usage example

/** @var Salamek\Tempnam\Tempnam @inject */
public $tempnam;

$key = 'my_tempnam_key_1'; // Lets say ID of record in database
$data = 'My File COntent'; // Lets say record from database we want as file
$updatedAt = new \DateTime('YYYY-mm-dd'); // Lets say updatedAt column from database to expire tempnam file when record in database is changed

// Load temFile Path or null
$tempFile = $this->tempnam->load($key, $updatedAt);

if ($tempFile === null)
    $tempFile = $this->tempnam->save($key, $data, $updatedAt);

echo file_get_contents($tempFile); // My File COntent


$this->tempnam->getTempDir(); //Returns tempDir
$this->tempnam->remove($key); //Removes tempnam file by its $key
$this->tempnam->load($key, \DateTimeInterface $updatedAt = null); //Returns tempnam file path by its key if updatedAt matches or returns null
$this->tempnam->save($key, $data, \DateTimeInterface $updatedAt = null) //Saves tempnam file by $key with $data content, returns tempnam path