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This is Globe API Client by BEAR.Sunday.

How to use Globe API

  1. Create account on Globe Labs.
  2. Create new app at http://developer.globelabs.com.ph/apps/new
  3. Set Redirect URL as https://example.com/oauth
  4. Send from phone number that will be subscribed INFO to SHORT CODE of the app.
  5. Upon receipt of the welcome message, the subscriber needs to reply YES
  6. After the subscriber replies (Yes), the ACCESS_TOKEN and the subscriber’s mobile number will be posted to your Redirect URI

See also: http://www.globelabs.com.ph/docs

Run on console.

$ php bootstrap/api.php post "/smsmessaging?subscriber={subscribed_phone_number}&address={phone_number_of_destination}&message={message}"

Run on the built-in web server.

$ php -S bootstrap/api.php
$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/smsmessaging?subscriber={subscribed_phone_number} -d address={phone_number_of_destination} -d message={message}