Library for connecting to Domoticz

v0.1.1-alpha 2018-02-07 22:44 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-28 07:04:16 UTC


PHP Library for connecting to Domoticz

With this library you can control lights, switches, thermostats and other home automation devices with PHP by connecting to Domoticz, the open-source Home Automation System.


php composer.phar require rutgerkirkels/domoticz-php

Basic usage

// Initialize the Domoticz library with the hostname of the Domoticz machine.
// If you didn't set login credentials, you can leave the username and password
// attributes empty.

$client = new \rutgerkirkels\DomoticzPHP\Client('http://YOUR_DOMOTICZ_MACHINE:PORT', <USERNAME>, <PASSWORD>);

// Get all lights and switches
$lightsAndSwitches = $client->getDevices('light');

// Get the status of a device
$device = $client->getDeviceByIdx(<idx>);
echo $device->getStatus();

// When the device is a dimmer, get the current set level in percentages (return false of not a dimmer)
$level = $device->getLevel();

// Initiate a controller for this dimmer
$dimmerController = (new \rutgerkirkels\DomoticzPHP\Factories\ControllerFactory($device))->get();

// and turn it on...

// and off again...