PHP Packet Capture via libpcap through FFI

0.6.5 2020-10-29 18:03 UTC


Stream driven PHP packet capture library, leveraging libpcap via FFI.

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Pcap Extension

Whenever possible (or if using an older version of PHP), you should use the native pcap PHP extension, this library is provided as an alternative to it for select/edge cases. Otherwise, the FFI based packet capture library is fully compatible with the pcap extension. As a result, all changes applied to the extension are reflected here too, and the library version will always match its extension counterpart.


This library makes use of features introduced as of PHP 7.4, it will not work with obsolete versions. Of course, the PHP FFI extension must be installed and enabled.

The libpcap library must be installed on the target environment; some Linux distributions meddle with the library naming protocols and this can confuse the FFI initialization process. Should that be the case, one can set the LIBPCAP_NAME environment variable to the actual library name, or even the absolute path to the library's .so file for custom builds or non-standard directory layouts.

For example, for Debian Buster, one would set LIBPCAP_NAME to libpcap.so.1.8.1.


The recommended way to install this library is through Composer. New to Composer?

This will install the latest supported version:

composer require rtckit/pcap-ffi:^0.6.5


Before running the test suite, make sure the user has the ability to capture network packets (root or CAP_NET_RAW).

make test


MIT, see LICENSE file.


  • libpcap by The Tcpdump Group, BSD licensed.


Bug reports (and small patches) can be submitted via the issue tracker. Forking the repository and submitting a Pull Request is preferred for substantial patches.