Fast, simple Disqus integration for Laravel

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This package for Wardrobe CMS allows quick integration of disqus comment systems using a simple call to Disqus::comments() from your theme views.

While designed for Wardrobe, this package works across all Laravel installations.

Installation Using Laravel 4 Package Installer

If you have Laravel 4 Package Installer installed you can install Wardrobe Disqus by running php artisan package:install rtablada/wardrobe-disqus and then publishing the configuration by running php artisan config:publish rtablada/wardrobe-disqus.

Installing Using Composer

If you do not have Pacakge Installer, you can install Wardrobe Disqus by running composer require rtablada/wardrobe-disqus and then modifying your providers in app/config/app.php to include Rtablada\WardrobeDisqus\WardrobeDisqusServiceProvider and your aliases to include 'Disqus' => 'Rtablada\WardrobeDisqus\Facades\Disqus'. Then run php artisan config:publish rtablada/wardrobe-disqus.

Configuring Wardrobe Disqus

Configuring Wardrobe Disqus is as easy as going into app/config/packages/rtablada/wardrobe-disqus/config.php and modifying the disqus_shortname to the shortname found at disqus.com/admin/settings/

Using Wardrobe Disqus

To include Disqus comments in your blog or project, simply include a call to Disqus::comments() and it will display the defaut Disqus comment form for each post or page.

In Wardrobe CMS it is best to place this in individual pages, or within your theme's post.blade.php so it may look like this:


  {{ $post->title }}

    <h2 class="title">{{ $post->title }}</h2>
    {{ md($post->content) }}

    {{ Disqus::comments() }}