An easy to use package installer for Laravel 4

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This package allows for quick and easy installation of supported Laravel 4 packages. This packages installs packages and adds any necessary ServiceProviders and Aliases.

Installing Package Installer

This package installer is available through packagist and composer.

Add "rtablada/package-installer": "dev-master" to your composer.json or run composer require rtablada/package-installer.

Then you have to add "Rtablada\PackageInstaller\PackageInstallerServiceProvider" to your list of providers in your app/config/app.php. Luckily, this will be one of the last package Aliases you will ever have to add manually!

Using this installer

This package allows for supported packages to be installed by running php artisan package:install vendor/name. For instance, to install Traffic Signs(a simple error page handler) you can run php artisan package:install rtablada/traffic-signs.

Developing packages for Laravel 4 Package Installer

To allow your package to be installed by Laravel 4 Package Installer, just add a provides.json to the root of your package.

The format for provides.json looks like this:

  "providers": [
  "aliases": [
      "alias": "HTML",
      "facade": "Illuminate\Support\Facades\HTML"

** Note that either valid JSON or invalid JSON can be written to add to the readability of the provides.json this is to increase human readability while allowing developers to write whichever way they prefer.