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Floobits status

This App Toolkit will help you to create sub-applications similar to subapps found in Django and other frameworks. This helps you make small MVC apps to organize your larger apps.

To learn more about this mentality, check out my blog post about this file structure.


Add rtablada/app-toolkit to your composer.json file. Then add Rtablada\AppToolkit\AppToolkitServiceProvider to your providers list in your app/config/app.php file.

Configuring Your Application

App Toolkit needs to know what your app name is so that it knows where to place all of it's files. To configure this, run php artisan config:publish rtablada/app-toolkit then go to app/config/packages/rtablada/app-toolkit/config.php and change the app_name config option to your application namespace.

You will also need to set this up to be autoloaded in your composer.json. So if your app_name is Blog in your autoload section, you should have something that looks like this:

"psr-0": {
    "Rtablada\\AppToolkit": "src/"

Creating Your Sub-Application

Now you can just create a sub-app by just running php artisan application:make subAppName. Just register your generated Service Provider in your app/config/app.php file and you are set to go.

Future Features

IMO, the setup process is a bit much with the whole composer autoloader. I'm looking to create a command application:start which will ask you your application namespace, setup the configuration PSR-0 autoloading, and setup some shared application resources and folders.

I'd also like to have sub-applications automatically register themselves in app/config/app.php.

Finally, I'd like to add options to the application:make command so that you can specify different view namespaces, decide whether to include filters and routes.