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HTTP method override service

2.1.1 2018-02-08 15:13 UTC


HTTP method override service

This library allows you to override HTTP method using HTTP header ie. X-HTTP-Method-Override. Why? Because some clients cannot send non-standard methods like ie. LINK. It can be used as PSR-7 middeware or Zend Framework 2 module.


composer require rstgroup/http-method-override

Check suggested dependencies in composer.json and add it to your dependencies.

You need to configure how it's possible to override methods. To do that you need to create/modify configuration provided by service which must exists in your dependecy container (as config key):

return [
    'rst_group' => [
        'http_method_override' => [
            'map' => [
                'POST' => ['LINK', 'PUT'],
            'override_headers' => [],

It will add ability to use POST method as LINK or PUT. You can override it using given request:

X-HTTP-Method-Override: PUT

override_headers allow you to define own header to override.

Specific installation for PSR-7 middeware

Use Expressive Configuration Manager to add library config. After this you can enable middleware in your middleware-stack using RstGroup\HttpMethodOverride\HttpMethodOverrideMiddleware service name in your container.

Specific installation for Zend Framework 2 & 3

Add module RstGroup\HttpMethodOverride to application.config.php file.