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High Performance Image Processing Component for Nette Framework

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Download the latest package manually or better use the composer

composer require rostenkowski/resize


The best way is to use the built-in Nette DI container extension in application configuration, usually located in app/config.neon. You can place the imageStore part of the configuration to your local configuration file.

    resize: Rostenkowski\Resize\Extension

    storageDir: %baseDir%/data/images
    cacheDir:   %baseDir%/www/images
    basePath:   /images/

Manual configuration

If you aren't using the the DI extension the image macros should be registered to the Latte engine as described in the docs:

            - Rostenkowski\Resize\Macro\ImageMacro::install

The storage can be created manually in presenter or registered as service this way:

    - images: Rostenkowski\ImageStore\ImageStorage("%baseDir%/data/images", "%baseDir%/www/images", "/images/")


  • PHP Suggested 5.6, Minimal 5.5
  • Nette Suggested 2.3, Minimal 2.2

The library is tested against PHP 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 and Nette 2.3 but it should be compatible with previous stable Nette 2.2 and the latest Nette 2.4-dev as well.

For the full list of dependencies see the composer.json file.


For the full API documentation navigate to the docs/api/ directory and open index.html file.



use Rostenkowski\Resize\Meta;
use Rostenkowski\Resize\File;
use Rostenkowski\Resize\Request;
use Rostenkowski\Resize\ImageStorage;
use Nette\Application\Responses\FileResponse;
use Nette\Http\FileUpload;
use Nette\Utils\Image;

// create storage
$storage = new ImageStorage('/data/images', '/www/images', '/images/');

// add an image from file
$storage->add(File $image, Meta $meta);

// add a HTTP uploaded file
$storage->upload(FileUpload $file, Meta $meta);

// check that an image already exists in the storage
$storage->contains(Meta $meta);

// fetch original
$storage->original(Meta $meta);

// rotate image
$storage->rotate(Meta $meta, 90); // Meta

// downloaded requested thumbnail
$storage->download(Request $request); // Nette\Application\Responses\FileResponse

// fetch requested thumbnail
$storage->fetch(Request $request);

// link requested thumbnail
$storage->link(Request $request);

// output requested thumbnail to stdout
$storage->send(Request $request);

Technical overview

  • The images are stored in regular files in the given directory.
  • The files are organized in a directory tree with maximum of 256² directories in two level structure so with ~1K files in a directory the storage is able to store ~6.5M of images without performance impact.
  • The directory tree is well balanced thanks to image hashes used for the directory path creation.
  • The storage stores only one file even if the same image is stored multiple times.
  • The image thumbnails are created on demand and cached in the cache directory.


Feel free to open an Issue or Pull Request.

The source code of the library is fully covered by Nette Tester tests.

To run the test suite simply install the dependencies using composer and then run the bin/ script on linux. On windows u can run in eg. git bash: bin/

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  |_| \___ /___) |_| \___ |_|_\  v2.0.x

PHP 5.6.5 (cgi-fcgi) | php-cgi -n -c tests/php.ini | 1 thread


OK (13 tests, 2.7 seconds)

To check the code coverage see the docs/coverage.html file.

Example code

Please see the Usage wiki page.