The R&OS Pdf class supports the creation of PDF documents without any adiditional modules or extensions.

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This is the official GIT clone from the R&OS PHP Pdf class previously stored on Development will take place here now.

The R&OS Pdf class is used to generate PDF Documents using PHP without installing any additional modules or extensions It comes with a base class called "Cpdf.php" plus a helper class "Cezpdf.php" to generate tables, add backgrounds and provide paging.



  • Quick and easy to use
  • Support for extension classes
  • Unicode and ANSI formatted text
  • Custom TTF fonts and font subsetting (version >= 0.11.8)
  • Auto page and line breaks
  • Text alignments (left, right, center, justified)
  • Linked XObjects
  • Internal and external links
  • Compression by using gzcompress
  • Encryption 40bit, 128bit since PDF 1.4
  • Image support for JPEG, PNG and GIF (partly)
  • Template support


Manual Download

Open the RELEASE page and pick the latest version to download.

Extract the archive into your project directory

Clone via git

You can also use git to install it using:

git clone
git checkout <latest-version>

Installation via composer

This library is also available on the dependency manager composer -

Please follow the steps here to install. Once this is done one simple command will get all dependencies for the package rospdf/pdf-php

./composer.phar require rospdf/pdf-php

For more details on how to use composer please refer to the documentation -



include 'src/Cezpdf.php'; // Or use 'vendor/autoload.php' when installed through composer

// Initialize a ROS PDF class object using DIN-A4, with background color gray
$pdf = new Cezpdf('a4','portrait','color',[0.8,0.8,0.8]);
// Set pdf Bleedbox
// Use one of the pdf core fonts
$mainFont = 'Times-Roman';
// Select the font
// Define the font size
// Modified to use the local file if it can

// Output some colored text by using text directives and justify it to the right of the document
$pdf->ezText("PDF with some <c:color:1,0,0>blue</c:color> <c:color:0,1,0>red</c:color> and <c:color:0,0,1>green</c:color> colours", $size, ['justification'=>'right']);
// Output the pdf as stream, but uncompress


ole1986 is lead developer.

See the full list of contributors.