Locate a binaries by means of exec() or similar

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Just a little class for locating binaries. You need exec(), shell_exec() or similar enabled for it to work. Otherwise, it will throw.

Works on Linux, Windows and Mac.


To locate installed cwebp binaries (found on Linux with which -a, falling back to whereis -b; on Windows found using where):

use LocateBinaries\LocateBinaries;

$cwebBinariesFound = LocateBinaries::locateInstalledBinaries('cwebp');

Note that you get an array of matches - there may be several versions of a binary on a system.

The library also adds another method for locating binaries by peeking in common system paths, such as usr/bin and C:\Windows\System32 However, beware that these dirs could be subject to open_basedir restrictions which can lead to warning entries in the error log. The other method is therefore best.

Well warned, here it is the alternative, which you in some cases might want to fall back to after trying the first.

$imagickBinariesFound = LocateBinaries::locateInCommonSystemPaths('convert');


Install with composer:

composer require rosell-dk/locate-binaries


The library uses the exec-with-fallback library in order to be able to use alternatives to exec() when exec() is disabled.

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