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Detect / guess mime type of an image

Do you need to determine if a file is an image?
And perhaps you also want to know the mime type of the image?
Do you basically need exif_imagetype, but which also works when PHP is compiled without exif?

– You come to the right library.

Ok, actually the library cannot offer mime type detection for images which works on all platforms, but it can try a whole stack of methods and optionally fall back to guess from the file extension.

The stack of detect methods are currently (and in that order):

  • exif_imagetype (PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5, PHP 7) - unless PHP is compiled without exif
  • finfo (PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PECL fileinfo >= 0.1.0) - requires fileinfo extension to be enabled
  • Our custom 4 byte sniffer (based on this code) (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) - only detects png, gif and jpeg
  • getimagesize (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)
  • mime_content_type (PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5, PHP 7)

Note that these methods all uses the mime type mapping on the server. Not all servers for example detects image/webp.


Install with composer


Use ImageMimeTypeGuesser::detect if you do not want the library to make a wild guess based on file extension, but in return are willing to accept the increased probability of the library not returning a mime type as an answer.


$result = ImageMimeTypeGuesser::detect($filePath);
if (is_null($result)) {
    // the mime type could not be determined
} elseif ($result === false) {
    // it is NOT an image (not a mime type that the server knows about anyway)
} else {
    // it is an image, and we know its mime type!
    $mimeType = $result;

If you are ok with wild guessing from file extension, use ImageMimeTypeGuesser::guess or ImageMimeTypeGuesser::lenientGuess. Lets start with the first.

ImageMimeTypeGuesser::guess will first try detection. If detection fails (void is returned), it will fall back to guessing from extension using GuessFromExtension::guess.

As with the detect method, it also has three possible outcomes: a mime type, false or void.

Warning: Beware that guessing from file extension is unsuited when your aim is to protect the server from harmful uploads.

Notice: Only a limited set of image extensions is recognized by the extension to mimetype mapper - namely the following: { bmp, gif, ico, jpg, jpeg, png, tif, tiff, webp, svg }. If you need some other specifically, feel free to add a PR, or ask me to do it by creating an issue.


$result = ImageMimeTypeGuesser::guess($filePath);
if ($result !== false) {
    // it is an image, and we know its mime type (well, we don't really know, because we allowed guessing from extension)
    $mimeType = $result;
} else {
    // not an image

If you do not want your servers limited knowledge about image types to be decisive, you can use lenientGuess. It tries to detect. If detection fails (void or false is returned), it will fall back to guessing based on file extension.

Say for example that your server does not recognize the image/webp format, and you are examining a file "test.webp". In that case, a detection with detect will return false (provided that one of the detection methods are operational). The guess method will also return false, as it never gets to fall back to file extension mapping. However, lenientGuess will nail it, and return 'image/webp'.

For those who speaks code, the logic is perhaps best described with the code itself:

public static function lenientGuess($filePath)
    $detectResult = self::detect($filePath);
    if ($detectResult === false) {
        // The server does not recognize this image type.
        // - but perhaps it is because it does not know about this image type.
        // - so we turn to mapping the file extension
        return GuessFromExtension::guess($filePath);
    } elseif (is_null($detectResult)) {
        // the mime type could not be determined
        // perhaps we also in this case want to turn to mapping the file extension
        return GuessFromExtension::guess($filePath);
    return $detectResult;

Finally, for convenience, there are three methods for testing if a detection / guess / lenient guess is in a list of mime types. They are called ImageMimeTypeGuesser::detectIsIn, ImageMimeTypeGuesser::guessIsIn and ImageMimeTypeGuesser::lenientGuessIsIn.


if (ImageMimeTypeGuesser::guessIsIn($filePath, ['image/jpeg','image/png']) {
    // Image is either a jpeg or a png (probably)