WordPress boilerplate with Composer, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure

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WordPress boilerplate with Composer, easier configuration, and an improved folder structure

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Bedrock is an open source project and completely free to use. If you've benefited from our projects and would like to support our future endeavors, please consider sponsoring Roots.

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Bedrock is a WordPress boilerplate for developers that want to manage their projects with Git and Composer. Much of the philosophy behind Bedrock is inspired by the Twelve-Factor App methodology, including the WordPress specific version.

  • Better folder structure
  • Dependency management with Composer
  • Easy WordPress configuration with environment specific files
  • Environment variables with Dotenv
  • Autoloader for mu-plugins (use regular plugins as mu-plugins)
  • Enhanced security (separated web root and secure passwords with wp-password-bcrypt)

Getting Started

See the Bedrock installation documentation.

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