A merit profile renderer for majority judgment.

0.1.16 2021-06-23 22:10 UTC


The PHP implementation of Miprem.



You must install PHP and Composer (ie. sudo apt install php composer).

Clone repository

git clone --recurse-submodules
cd miprem-php

Notice the --recurse-submodules that clones the submodules (miprem and miprem-client-demo).

At any moment you can update the submodules with:

git submodule update --init --recursive


cd miprem && git pull && cd ..

Bind templates folder

To update templates folder, mount it from the miprem submodule:


Templates are added to git because Composer can not clone a git repo with its submodules.

Install dependencies

composer install

Then you may want to install optional PHP extensions:

  • ext-yaml: Needed by Poll and svgConfig to instantiate classes from Yaml;
  • ext-simplexml(*): Needed by PngGDRenderer to read xml files;
  • ext-gd(*): Needed by PngGDRenderer to rasterize svg images;
  • ext-imagick(*): Needed by PngIMRenderer to rasterize svg images.

On Debian-based systems, they can be installed via packages php-yaml, php-xml, php-gd, php-imagick, respectively.

(*) To generate png, you have the choice between two renderers:

  • PngIMRenderer (recommended), that use the extension ext-imagick;
  • PngGDRenderer, that use the package php-svg, which require ext-simplexml and ext-gd extensions.

The first one is recommended as it produce better results, the second one is lighter and faster but generated images can be glitched.

Test with demo client

Now Miprem PHP is installed, you can test it by running the demo web client:


Then open

Building the library

If you work on miprem.php, you must run from the miprem-js root folder after your edit.


It generates php files based on a template and values:

  • src/Template.php: based on TemplateEmpty.php, with the {{ TEMPLATE_NAME }} occurences replaced by their corresponding file content.
  • src/DefaultData.php: based on DefaultDataEmpty.php, with the {{ DEFAULT_DATA }} occurences replaced by their corresponding file content.

Licence & authorship

This project is developed by the MieuxVoter non-profit organization and published under MIT licence.