This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Developer Tools aimed at debugging/profiling/logging actions that are executed within a standard Zend\Mvc application

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RoaveDeveloperTools is a set of utilities to inspect and monitor the state of a PHP application's lifecycle. It currently only works with ZendFramework 2 applications, but Symfony 2 and Laravel 4 adapters are planned.

RoaveDeveloperTools is the successor of ZendDeveloperTools, and it will likely get merged back into it if it gets enough traction.


php composer.phar require roave/roave-developer-tools:dev-master@DEV

Then, in your ZF2 application, enable the module Roave\DeveloperTools


Please note that RoaveDeveloperTools is currently only suited for development environments: do not enable it in production projects, as it is likely going to impact performance and track sensitive information which should not be saved anywhere (unless you are aware of what you are doing)


Documentation for RoaveDeveloperTools can be found in the docs/ directory.


Please refer to