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CMS base for the community of web programmers Rimorsoft Online.

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CMS base for the community of web programmers Rimorsoft Online.


Get a copy, fork and give us a super star. I want you to be aware of this playlist They are videos in Spanish, but the YouTube translator helps a lot this is rimback::create()

Installation Steps

1. Require the Package

After creating your new Laravel application, you must create the simple login system: php artisan make:auth

2. Add the database credentials

Remember that all this is done from the .env file:



3. Run the installer

We achieved it with the command: composer require rimorsoft/rimback dev-master

4. Next, add your new provider

We must do it in the file to the providers array of config/app.php:

    'providers' => [
        // ...


4. Decompress public files

This step is necessary to access the theme, driver, some views, configuration file, etc: php artisan vendor:publish --force

5. Install the tables in the database

Create the tables with the command: php artisan migrate:refresh

6. Last step

Get clients and be very successful

Build in

Thank you very much

You want to contribute?

Please see here to see our code of conduct, and the process of sending a pull requests.


You can be here

  • Italo Morales - Founder of the project - italomoralesf
  • your name here

You can help with documentation, creation of themes, package incorporation, etc


This project is under license (MIT).

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