Symfony bundle for generating QR payments for Czech, Slovak and European standards

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v2.1.0 2019-03-25 13:38 UTC

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Last update: 2024-01-26 00:34:39 UTC


For Czech, Slovak and European banks.

This is a Symfony bundle that simplifies work with my packages for Czech, Slovak and European QR payments.

Read the individual documentations of the libraries if you want to know more about them.

This bundle takes these packages together, creates a Symfony service and allows you to set defaults for the payments.


Run composer require rikudou/qr-payment-bundle.

If you use Symfony Flex the bundle should be enabled automatically.

The default config file is created via rikudou/installer.


Go to the config/packages/rikudou_qr_payment.yaml and edit the details.

If the file is not created for any reason, you can find the default config file here.

The names should be pretty self-explanatory, you have to configure Czech, Slovak and European defaults separately. You can also override defaults for European standard for supported countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands).


This package defines one service, Rikudou\QrPaymentBundle\QrPayment\QrPaymentFactory, which is used to create instances of payment classes.



use \Rikudou\QrPaymentBundle\QrPayment\QrPaymentFactory;

class MyAwesomeService {
     * @var QrPaymentFactory 
    private $qrPaymentFactory;
    public function __construct(QrPaymentFactory $qrPaymentFactory) {
        $this->qrPaymentFactory = $qrPaymentFactory;
    public function getCzechQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->czech();
    public function getSlovakQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->slovak();
    public function getEuropeanQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->european();
    public function getAustrianQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->austrian();
    public function getBelgianQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->belgian();
    public function getGermanQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->german();
    public function getDutchQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->dutch();
    public function getFinnishQrCode() {
        return $this->qrPaymentFactory->finnish();

The methods in example return new instances with defaults from yaml file.