QR payment library for Slovak accounts

v4.2.1 2023-02-09 11:58 UTC


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This library generates a string that can be embedded into QR code and is recognized by all Slovak banks.

The library requires the xz binary to present on the underlying system.

See also QR code payment generator for Czech, Hungarian or European accounts.


composer require rikudou/skqrpayment


Create an instance with or without IBANs. All IBANs must be instance of \Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IbanInterface.


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;
use Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IBAN;
use rikudou\SkQrPayment\Iban\IbanBicPair;

// without IBANs
$payment = new QrPayment();

// one IBAN
$payment = new QrPayment(new IBAN('SK1234567890123456'));

// multiple IBANs, there can be as many as you want
$payment = new QrPayment(
    new IBAN('SK1234567890123456'),
    new IBAN('SK1234567890123456'),
    new IbanBicPair('SK1234567890123456', 'BANKBIC')

There are three implementations of IbanInterface present:

  • \Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IBAN - generic IBAN class which accepts the IBAN as a string
  • \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Iban\IbanBicPair - allows you to supply your own BIC (Swift) code if the bank is not present in the maps
  • \Rikudou\Iban\Iban\CzechIbanAdapter - IBAN that can be constructed from the local Czech format (account number and bank code)

You can also construct new instance from string:


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;

$payment = QrPayment::fromIBAN('SK1234567890123456');

Changing IBANs after construction

If you want to add/remove IBANs after construction, use addIban(), removeIban() and setIbans() methods.


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;
use Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IBAN;
use rikudou\SkQrPayment\Iban\IbanBicPair;

$payment = new QrPayment();

$iban1 = new IBAN('SK1234567890123456');
$iban2 = new IBAN('SK6543210987654321');

// object now contains both IBANs

// only the first IBAN is now present in the object

// You don't have to store the object, the ibans are considered the same if the string representation is the same:
    ->removeIban(new IbanBicPair('SK1234567890123456'));

// the object now doesn't contain any IBAN


Setting options

You can set all options using the method setOptions() or using the respective setters.

You can use \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Payment\QrPaymentOptions constants for option names

Setting options via setOptions():


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;
use rikudou\SkQrPayment\Payment\QrPaymentOptions;
use Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IBAN;

$payment = new QrPayment();

    QrPaymentOptions::AMOUNT => 100,
    QrPaymentOptions::COMMENT => 'payment',
    QrPaymentOptions::CONSTANT_SYMBOL => 123,
    QrPaymentOptions::COUNTRY => 'SK',
    QrPaymentOptions::CURRENCY => 'EUR',
    QrPaymentOptions::DUE_DATE => new DateTime('+1 week'),
    QrPaymentOptions::INTERNAL_ID => '456',
    QrPaymentOptions::PAYEE_NAME => 'John Doe',
    QrPaymentOptions::SPECIFIC_SYMBOL => 789,
    QrPaymentOptions::VARIABLE_SYMBOL => 012,
    QrPaymentOptions::XZ_PATH => '/path/to/xz',
    QrPaymentOptions::IBANS => [
        new IBAN('SK1234567890123456')

Setting using the fluent setters:


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;
use Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IBAN;

$payment = new QrPayment();
    ->setDueDate(new DateTime('+1 week'))
    ->setPayeeName('John Doe')
        new IBAN('SK01234567890123456')


Default values for some of the options are provided:

  • currency - EUR
  • country - SK
  • dueDate - current date and time

Additionally, these properties are not required:

  • variableSymbol
  • specificSymbol
  • constantSymbol
  • comment
  • internalId
  • payeeName

QR Code image

This library provides many implementations of QR code image using its sister library rikudou/qr-payment-qr-code-provider. If any supported QR code generating library is installed, the method getQrCode() will return an instance of \Rikudou\QrPaymentQrCodeProvider\QrCode which can be used to get an image containing the generated QR payment data.


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;
use Endroid\QrCode\QrCode;

$payment = new QrPayment(...);

$qrCode = $payment->getQrCode();

// get the raw image data and display them in the browser
header('Content-Type: image/png');
echo $qrCode->getRawString();

// use in an img html tag
echo "<img src='{$qrCode->getDataUri()}'>";

// write to a file

// get the raw object from the underlying system
$raw = $qrCode->getRawObject();
// let's assume we're using endroid/qr-code v4
assert($raw instanceof QrCode);
// do some custom transformations
// the object is still referenced by the adapter, meaning we can now render it the same way as before
echo "<img src='{$qrCode->getDataUri()}'>";

The xz binary

Since the Pay by Square standard uses lzma1 which has no php binding, the xz binary needs to be called.

If you have it in the standard PATH, this library should find it on its own, if not you have to set the path manually using setXzBinary().

If you want to implement custom logic for getting the binary path, you can create a custom class implementing \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Xz\XzBinaryLocatorInterface and set the object via setXzBinaryLocator() in the payment object.

Getting the result

Once you configured all your options, simply call getQrString() and process it using your favorite qr code library.

Alternatively, if you use endroid/qr-code, you can call getQrImage() to get an instance of \Endroid\QrCode\QrCode.


use rikudou\SkQrPayment\QrPayment;
use Rikudou\Iban\Iban\IBAN;

$payment = new QrPayment(new IBAN('SK6807200002891987426353'));

    ->setDueDate(new DateTime('+1 week'))

$qrString = $payment->getQrString();

// $qrString now holds the string to embed inside the QR code, in this example:

$qrCode = $payment->getQrImage();

// send to browser
header('Content-Type: ' . $qrCode->getContentType());
echo $qrCode->writeString();


All exceptions extend the base \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Exception\QrPaymentException.

  • \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Exception\DictionaryNotFoundException - when you don't provide a BIC and there is no map for given country code (currently only CZ and SK)
    • extends \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Exception\BicNotFoundException
  • \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Exception\BicNotFoundException - when you don't provide a BIC and the bank is not found in the provided maps
  • \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Exception\InvalidTypeException - when you try to create an instance using fromIBAN() and the IBAN is not an instance of QrPaymentInterface or a string
  • \rikudou\SkQrPayment\Exception\QrPaymentException - the base exception
    • when you call getQrImage() and don't have the endroid/qr-code library installed
    • when you call getQrString() without providing any IBANs
    • when you call getQrString() or getXzBinary() and the xz binary is not present on filesystem
    • when you create instance of IbanBicPair with an argument that is not instance of IbanInterface nor string
    • when you create instance of IbanBicPair or call getQrString() and any of the IBANs is not valid