Le Muret alumni portal for schools.

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Le Muret is a web application made for schools to let them develop a community of alumnis, easily accessible and searchable through a modern web interface.

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The pool of alumnis is imported from a database or a spreadsheet The systems allows to invite users by batch, when they graduate. Students can register directly or with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts, though manual activation of the profile by the administration is needed.


  • simple search through the alumnis
  • per-alumni profile with contact infos
  • sync option with LinkedIn profile
  • live suggestions based on input (typeahead)
  • internal mailbox
  • noob-proof administration interface
  • multiple data import types: .csv,.dat,.xls,.ods
  • laravel 5.1 framework goodness

Official Documentation

Documentation can be found on the wiki provided on Github.


Thank you for considering contributing to Le Muret! To do so please fork and fill/answer the issue tracker.


Le Muret is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license