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An extension to mange fairs. It also offers a half automated order process.

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4.1.1 2021-11-26 13:55 UTC

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An extension to mange fairs. It also offers a half automated order process.


TYPO3 (typo3/cms-core)

  • 8.7.0 - 8.7.99


  • fluidtypo3/vhs ^5.2


  • Activate the extension via the Extensions module.
  • Include the static typo script file.

Installation using composer

Simply run composer require riconet/t3-extension-fairs

For Developers / DevOps

How to run the tests

To run tests, quality checks and build, execute the script Build/Scripts/runTests.sh.

The test runner script

No arguments: Run all unit tests with PHP 7.0


-s <...>
    Specifies which test suite to run
        - build: Builds the project (composer)
        - lint: Lints the php files
        - functional: functional tests
        - unit (default): PHP unit tests
        - quality: executes code quality checks (phpstan, phpcs, phpmd).

-p <7.0|7.1|7.2|7.3>
    Specifies the PHP minor version to be used

-e "<phpunit options>"
    Only with -s functional|unit
    Additional options to send to phpunit (unit & functional tests).
    Starting with "--" must be added after options starting with "-".
    Example -e "-v --filter canRetrieveValueWithGP" to enable verbose output AND filter tests
    named "canRetrieveValueWithGP"

    Only with -s functional|unit
    Send information to host instance for test or system under test break points. This is especially
    useful if a local PhpStorm instance is listening on default xdebug port 9000. A different port
    can be selected with -y

-y <port>
    Send xdebug information to a different port than default 9000 if an IDE like PhpStorm
    is not listening on default port.

    Update existing typo3gmbh/phpXY:latest docker images. Maintenance call to docker pull latest
    versions of the main php images. The images are updated once in a while and only the youngest
    ones are supported by core testing. Use this if weird test errors occur. Also removes obsolete
    image versions of typo3gmbh/phpXY.

    Enable verbose script output. Shows variables and docker commands.

    Show this help.