Wrapper extension for backup-manager.

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This is a wrapper extension for

⚠️ With the new backup command introduced in Contao 4.13, this bundle will not be maintained anymore. Please refer to

Upgrade path: Run php vendor/bin/contao-console contao:backup:create instead of php vendor/bin/contao-console backup-manager:backup contao local -c gzip --filename backup.sql.

Upgrade path for using external storage:

  1. Install the Flysytem adapter of interest, e.g., composer require league/flysystem-sftp:^3.0.
  2. Replace the backups storage in Contao as follows:
    1. Create a DI extension that implements the ConfigureFilesystemInterface
    2. Configure your extenal stoarge, e.g., SFTP storage:
   public function configureFilesystem(FilesystemConfiguration $config): void
           ->mountAdapter('sftp', [
               'host' => '%env(DB_STORAGE_HOST)%',
               'port' => 22,
               'username' => '%env(DB_STORAGE_USERNAME)%',
               'password' => '%env(DB_STORAGE_PASSWORD)%',
               'root' => '/db',
               'timeout' => 10,
           ], 'backups', 'backups')
  1. If you don't have an bundle nor extension, refer to and replace the filesystem with (new FilesystemConfig($container))->....

Upgrade path for using encrypted external storage:


Via Composer

$ composer require richardhj/contao-backup-manager



Database backup

Run php vendor/bin/contao-console backup-manager:backup contao local -c gzip --filename backup.sql to create a backup

The dump will be saved within the /backups folder in the website root.

Database restore

Run php vendor/bin/contao-console backup-manager:restore contao local backup.sql.gz -c gzip to restore from a backup.

The database dump will be searched within the /backups folder in the website root.

External storage

You can define external storage for the database dump to upload to. An external SFTP storage, AWS, or many more storages are available. Please consult the documentation of backup-manager or see the example in the section below.

File encryption

You can encrypt the database dump before it is uploaded on external storage. The encrypted file will be decrypted on-the-fly on restore.

To use file encryption:

  • Install alextartan/flysystem-libsodium-adapter
  • Configure a kernel.secret

Example configuration to write encrypted files on an external SFTP storage:

# /config/config.yml

      type: Encrypted
      storage: hetzner
      encryption_key: '%env(DB_ENCRYPTION_KEY)%'
      type: Sftp
      host: '%env(DB_STORAGE_HOST)%'
      username: '%env(DB_STORAGE_USERNAME)%'
      password: '%env(DB_STORAGE_PASSWORD)%'
      port: 22
      root: '/db'
      timeout: 10
# /.env.local
php vendor/bin/contao-console backup-manager:backup contao hetzner_enc -c gzip

The filesystem utilizes libsodium's Poly1305 algorithm to encrypt the files on-the-fly. The implementation is adopted from the official documentation. To check the implementation, check the source code. To encrypt the files, we use a "password" ('%env(DB_ENCRYPTION_KEY)%') and "salt" ('%env(kernel.secret)%') to derive a 32-byte encryption key from. The encryption key must not change in order to be able to decrypt the files. As we use the kernel secret for salting the encryption key, please make sure you have the kernel.secret defined in your parameters.yml.

Note: The files can only be encrypted with the same secret, but the kernel secret should be rotated from time to time, so this feature is not recommended for long data retention.

Data Retention

You can configure the data retention:

# /config/config.yml

    max_days: 14
    max_files: 4

With this config, older files will be deleted automatically on the backup process.

Important: There must not be any other files in the configured backup folder, because the files get purged regardless of their file type.