Drush commands to interact with multiple Drupal users.

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Drush commands to interact with multiple Drupal users.


  • Drush ^9.6 || ^10.2
  • Drupal 8


Since this is a site-wide Drush command, it will only be found when installed in certain directories. It is recommended to update your Composer installers path for drupal-drush packages to:

"drush/Commands/{$name}": ["type:drupal-drush"]

Then install it as usual:

composer require richardbporter/drush-users-commands

Note that the directory the package is installed to (UsersCommands) differs from the repository name (drush-users-commands) due to the installer name property.


drush users:list

List all Drupal users in a table format. See drush users:list --help for filtering options.

Aliases: ulist, user-list, list-users

drush users:toggle

Block/unblock all users while keeping track of previous state.

For example, say you have the following five users with corresponding statuses:

  • admin -> active
  • foo -> blocked
  • bar -> active
  • baz -> active
  • qux -> blocked

Running drush users:toggle will block admin, bar and baz. Running drush users:toggle again will unblock admin, bar and baz but foo and qux stay blocked since that was their previous status.

Aliases: utog