dotenv loader/parser improved for performance

v1.0.0 2017-02-02 12:13 UTC

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PHP >= 5.6 | >= 7.0 | >= 7.1
⚠️ HHVM not supported so far ⚠️


Via Composer

$ composer require rfussien/dotenv


$dotenv = new Rfussien\Dotenv\Loader(__DIR__);

// optionally you can set a different filename (by defaul .env)
$dotenv = new Rfussien\Dotenv\Loader(__DIR__, '.my.env');

Why should I use this dotenv loader instead of another ?

This package is meant to be faster than the other dotenv loaders.
But please, don't believe me, check my small benchmark out, and try it by yourself.

It has less features, but come on, it's about a config file and a minimum computing should be done...


  • A real boolean MUST NOT be between quotes
  • A string SHOULD be between quotes or double quotes
  • An empty value is not null, but an empty string
  • Computing nested values every single time my app runs is a waste of time


In the .env type value
K01=true bool true
K02=tRuE bool true
K03="true" string(4) "true"
K04=on bool true
K05=On bool true
K06="on" string(2) "on"
K07=yes bool true
K08=Yes bool true
K09="yes" string(3) "yes"
K10=false bool false
K11=fAlSe bool false
K12="false" string(5) "false"
K13=off bool false
K14=Off bool false
K15="off" string(3) "off"
K16=no bool false
K17=No bool false
K18="no" string(2) "no"
K19=1 int 1
K20=1.1 double 1.1
K21=value string(5) "value"
K22="value" string(5) "value"
K23="VaLuE" string(5) "VaLuE"
K24=VaLuE string(5) "VaLuE"
K25="value " value" string(13) "value " value"
K26="value "value" value" string(19) "value "value" value"
K27="value 'value' value" string(19) "value 'value' value"
K28="" string(0) ""
K29= value string(5) "value"
K30='value' string(5) "value"
K31='' string(0) ""
K32= string(0) ""
K33=null NULL NULL


$ composer test


Please see CONTRIBUTING and CONDUCT for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email remi.fussien@gmail.com instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.