A simple resource crud generator

11.0.2 2024-06-17 09:17 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-17 15:05:08 UTC




  • Validation rules
  • Show in Index / Edit
  • Visibility

Basic Types

  • Check
  • Check Switch
  • Color
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • Email
  • Hidden
  • Integer
  • Link
  • Password
  • Percentage
  • Range
  • Select
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Time
  • Url

Powered up

  • Panel
  • Image
  • Place
  • Gravatar
  • ParentId


  • HasMany
  • HasOne
  • Belongs to
  • Belongs to many


  • Sortable
  • Search
  • Pagination
  • Single resource
  • Single resource search
  • Automatic with
  • Main Actions
  • Row Actions
  • Inline Edit
  • Save and continue
  • Table density
  • Uses laravel policies for the crud related actions


It uses the standard Laravel events, but if you want to add some events only on Thrust pages you can do it like this in you AppServiceProvider

    Thrust::serving(function () {

This way the observers will only be registered when using a thrust function


[x] Migrate to select2 4.0
[x] Make check fields to be toggable from the index
[x] Pin validation not working (digits 4)
[x] Update validation
[x] Configurable route prefix
[x] Make the service provider deffered as it doesn't need to be called in the API
[x] Panel visibility by check and select
[x] Make visibleWhen (for checkboxes, or type of printers... etc)
[x] BelongsTo many ajax searchable
[x] Prunable files, should be deleted when deleting resource
[x] Update saveOrder function to use a thrust one instead of the retail/xef yet
[x] Update saveOrder function to use the plural version of the resource name (the one we use on whole thrust) instead of the singular one
[x] ThrustRelationshipController to use the $relationDisplayName instead of name
[x] Employee, photo upload...
[x] Add save and continue editing functionality
[x] Inline editing!
[x] Table density
[x] Custom events to be different than the standard ones?
[x] Quan sortable, afegir x defecte la main action save order
[x] Make the resource found in app service provider recursive into thrust directory ?
[x] Improved ResourceFilters\Search by words, fer-ho per el primer fields nomes?
[x] Search through relationships
[] Save image in thrust to use the same route as display
[] Relationship rules, apply to field, and should apply to foreing_key when saving
[] Use the search route into searcher, and pass the search parameter to query instead of a new url path parameter
[] Delete validation
[] Make sortable relationships (right now it uses the relationship name instead of the underling field)
[] Add latlang to algolia places search?
[] Search limitar-lo a 100 (configurable) sense pagination
[] Make hideWhen and showWhen to make it work with Array fields