Simple Silex OAuth2 Provider

v0.0.1-rc3 2014-08-18 18:03 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-07-06 06:50:17 UTC


Build Status

currently only supports the following flows:

  • Authorization Code
  • Refresh Code


  • PHP 5.4
  • composer (preferably latest)


$ composer require renegare/aiv:dev-master


There is no documentation other than the tests. Please take a look in /test direcotory or read the source code.


Check out the repo and from the top level directory run the following command (xdebug required for coverage):

$ composer update && composer test -- --coverage-text

Road Map

Phase 1 (v0.0.1)

  • Access Provider - refresh flow not done // Done
  • Refactor ... a lot of things are prefixed with 'Access' ... remove it // Done
  • Access Controller needs to expect+verify client secret // Done
  • Fix any subsequent bugs from the wild!?

Phase 2 (v0.1)

  • Refactor so symfony/security and silex/silex is an optional dependency
  • Auth Controller needs to be refactored to handle multiple authentication flows (make it extendable?)
  • Invalidate end point ... ?

Phase 3 (v1.0)

  • Implement outstanding official flows

Phase 4 (v1.0.x)

  • Implement auth flow that handles/proxies authentication via social platforms ... is that even possible?!