Reliq Arts' base/common classes and functions for Laravel.

v5.7.0 2021-03-07 18:22 UTC


Reliq Arts' base/common classes and functions for Laravel 6+.

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  • Config provider implementation
    • uses Illuminate\Contracts\Config\Repository
    • allows easy access to config keys under specific (package) 'namespace'
  • Illuminate\Filesystem implementation
    • Specifically changing the behaviour of deleteDirectory()
  • Monolog Logger
  • Result Object (simple DTO)
  • Version Provider
  • Sitemap generation command
  • NonWWW middleware: Tiny middleware to redirect all www requests to non-www counterparts.

Installation & Use

Install via composer:

composer require reliqarts/laravel-common

Add service provider:


Use anywhere throughout your application. e.g.

$versionProvider = resolve(ReliqArts\Contract\VersionProvider::class);

Use NonWWW middleware in Kernel. i.e.

'web' => [
    // ...


    // ...

All done! 🍻